Winkel 43 – Apple Pie

Within a few months of my arrival to The Netherlands I started a love affair with a very lovely and VERY Dutch man. Early on in our relationship he showed enthusiasm for things normal grown men do not get passionate about. The first was pancakes; the second… Apple pie!

He asks me one day “Have you ever had apple pie before?” I said of course, who hasn’t? I grew up in Alaska but not under some rock… I followed with “and in the US we say: it’s as American as Apple Pie!

His jaw nearly hit the ground, he was shocked and rather offended. He said it was a Dutch expression and claimed “We say it’s as Dutch as Apple Pie!” I think to this day he still can’t believe we’ve stolen their expression.

Well that was a long lead up to where is the best Apple Pie in town? My vote Winkel 43! It’s very near the Ann Frank house, just up the street at the Noordermarkt/noorderkerk (nothern market/church). On Saturday’s and Monday’s there’s a market there so it may be a bit hard to see it, but trust me it’s there.

You’ll get a lot of great pie in the city but I just think this one stands out in a place where good pie is a thing.