Where are “the letters?”

This is a question I get asked over and over again at the end of tours. Since I don’t really do sight-seeing tours some things I almost never go past on my tour. The biggest one, I suppose, is the Iamsterdam sign. When this campaign started a few years ago I immediately thought, “Hey, I’m Amsterdam!” to me Amsterdam has always been a melting pot of like minded people from all over the world. In the 1600s immigration to Amsterdam was embraced. Today, the Dutch, like so many countries, restrict their delicate boarders. Still though Amsterdam boast a statistic of 51% non-Dutch residents and 160 different nations are registered at our local city halls.

If you’d like to get your photo with ‘the letters’ there’s almost always a display located at Museumplein. They do take it down for larger events but most of the year it’s located there. There’s another one which moves around town, but the best most consistent spot is the airport. Unlike the one at museumplein, the one at Schiphol has very few people on at is an given moment, so you can get a photo with out too many other people around.