Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx – Belgian Fries

When you think of Holland ‘fries’ often pop into ones mind. In reality the thick cut fries of cones are typically called Flemish Fries and hail from Belgium.

When you exit the train station you’ll immediately be accosted by fry vendors offering their wares. The biggest chain is one called Manneken Pis which quiet literally translates to the peeing boy– if you look on the paper cone it comes in you’ll even see a demonstration.

However, off the beaten path and not too far from the flower market is where you’ll truly find the best fries in town. A small door with a big name: Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx.

They are only open until 7pm and there’s almost always someone there but it’s well worth the trek.

You’re given a small plastic fork with the cone of fries which is easy to dismiss but you’ll realize later on just how handy it actually is so do not chuck it out!

Mayo is a common topping but to really go Dutch give Patat Oorlog a go. It’s fries toped with mayo/spicy peanut sauce and onions over top. Give her a go… You only live once!