VET- Local Butcher; Cheap Eats

Obviously when traveling your are almost always on a budget. And even if money is no object sometimes it’s just nice to have something quick, easy, and light to grab and eat whilst rushing through Amsterdam. VET which is a local butcher on the Zeedijk offers the perfect option. For between 2,50€- 4€ you can grab a quick and easy sandwich on a standard white pistolet (sort of small baguette). They have an ever changing menu of ‘role of the week’ last week was smoked chicken this week Carpaccio for instance.

Most people started coming here for the ‘Broodtje Zeedijk’ which literally translates to Sea-Dam Sandwich. It’s made with homemade curry sauce (a family recipe), bacon, lettuce, and smoked chicken to finish it off.

For a comprehensive list of the Sandwich options and pricing you should check out their site here

But they are simply a Butcher who managed a name for themselves and tourists have started wandering in. So please do not expect to be able to ‘dine in’ but the New Market Square is a stone’s throw away and you can easily grab something and wander onto the square where you’ll find many public use benches. Note: there’s a market on the Square too and a vender who is often selling freshly pressed juices.

Open most days until 6pm (closed on Sundays)
Address: Zeedijk 99