Tulips: Keukenhof

Dutch Tulip season runs from mid-March through mid-May every year. The Keukenhof, our botanical gardens, sees millions of visitors every year. Most people are surprised to learn the fields are not smack dab in the middle of busy Amsterdam. They are actually in between Amsterdam’s airport and Leiden to the South.

There are many excursions that will take you there and drop you off, or you can usually buy entrances cards in advance and use public transport to get there. The former means you’ll get there a bit quicker with front door service but it also means you have to leave when they leave. The later will be cheaper and will take a bit longer with public transport but you’ll have complete flexibility for when you come and go.

Basic Directions are:
Take any train to Schiphol airport
From there you can take bus 858 (direction Lisse)
Bus stop is Keukenhof…

Approximate transfer time 1-1.5 hours