TonTon Club – Video Arcade

In an effort to ad more activities to my blog I give you the TonTonClub. TonTonClub opened as part of Project1012. Unfortunately P1012 is busy cleaning up the Red Light district. I say unfortunate since it will make life more difficult for the ladies who work in that area. However, there have been a few nice additions to the area as well. The TonTon Club is a video arcade for grownups. They started just about 2 years ago and even made their own air-hockey table (until they realized just how hard that is maintain and finally bought one themselves). You can relive your childhood playing NBA Jams or Mortal Combat. They serve Beers and since I was last there I noticed they also have food. The location is in the heart of the RLD just next to the Old Church, and across from the ladies – for now.

These guys are super enthusiastic and continue to grow. They’ve done expos at the Westerpark during some of the winter carnivals and also during the summer. Pay attention to the website for TonTonXL which is usually in locations around Amsterdam.