Stroop Wafel – dutch snacks

A question I often get asked is what should I bring back as a souvenir for my friends etc…? The easy answer is Stroopwafel. It’s name translates simply to Syrup Waffle, which will conjure up images of a waffle with syrup on top, but in reality it is a cookie pressed into the shape of a waffle with syrup in the middle.

You can pick up a pack at many touristy shops for WAAAAAAY too much money, which they justify by putting in a metal tin. Unless that’s really your thing I’d say go to the local grocery store called Albert Heijn. There’s many AH’s all of Amsterdam, they have blue and white signs, but the biggest is right behind the Royal Palace at Dam Square.

A pack of 10 should run you about €1,60. And it’s just as nice.

However, when you are here in person check out the stalls at Museum Square. They’ve really upped the stand there in recent years and are putting out some good eats. As you face them the far left stall makes FRESH to order Stroopwafel which are to die for!

One of my tourists was kind enough to pose for a photo op for your viewing pleasure.