Off the Wall(en)- Comedy in the Red Light District

Joke: What do you get if you cross a sexy little Vaudeville theatre in Amsterdam’s Red Light District with 5+ highly talented comedians on a Monday night?

Answer: Another edition of the Off the Wallen comedy nights!

OK… that particular joke needs… a little work… probably.

Every Monday you’ll find English Speaking Comedy done by local comedians from throughout the Netherlands with the occasional guest from abroad. There are comedians which reflect the multi-cultural nature of Amsterdam. I’ve heard comedy from Dutch, German, American, Canadian, Russian, Armenian, South African, and Irish to name just a few.

This show is at an awesome place called Paleis van de Weemoeoed in the Red Light District to have a laugh, enjoy a show, drink a few drinks and meet new people!

Doors open at 20.30. Fee is €12 euros.  But they offer a €2 discount if you like their Facebook page. This is a great value-for-money activity in Amsterdam