Sonneveld – Traditional Dutch Food

Amsterdam offers a wide variety of food to choose from but for those looking for “traditional” Dutch and a so-called Brown Cafe then you only need to look as far as Cafe Sonneveld in the Jordaan area.

What is traditional Dutch food? Well, the short version is meats and potatoes. Pictured is something called Stampot (pictured) which can be any type of sessional veggie blended in with Potatoes mashed up and usually served with a giant sauage or giant meatball (your choice) with gravy overtop. Sonneveld will serve this dish year round.

For more hearty Dutch snacks you can order fries (served in a glass cone), Bitterballen (dutch meatballs breaded and deep-fried), or – the owners favorite – Kaasstengles (cheese in a roll deep-fried). Maybe you are noticing a trend, deep frying is a national past time.

Split Pea soup is also a Dutch tradition and more or less always on offer. Through out the year they’ll offer up a few other traditional dishes so be sure to ask if they have any specials so it does change frequently.