Sherlocked – Escape Room Game

Recently a fellow music school friend of mine invited me to enjoy his new adventure- an Escape Game. I’d only vaguely heard about them but really had no idea what they were all about. I’ll be honest and say he was hoping I’d let all my fantastic tourist know what this is all about. Before I’m willing to advertise anything to you guys I want to make sure it’s something interesting or quality and I can say this is both. If you know what an escape game is all about there’s no need for explanation. If you’re like me, no clue, then I’ll let you know. You get locked in a room and there are riddles and clues all over which you have to solve and work out in order to ‘escape.’ Simple enough idea but you do need to be good with details. My friends (fellow tour guides) and I managed to solve the clues and escape but I can admit it took a bit of thinking. Overall we had a lot of fun and if you are looking for something interesting and different to do while you are in Amsterdam then I think this is very much worth your time and money.

The location is not to be beat. You are locked in the old Stock Exchange right near Dam Square called the Beurs van Berlage. It’s a great old building in the heart of Amsterdam and that certainly adds to the charm. They do recommend bookings with groups of 4-6 friends, and the price get’s more interesting if you are more people. If you are traveling solo, some nights in the week they have bookings for individuals.

But I’ll also let them speak for themselves:

This is basically the most fun you can have with a group of friends or colleagues right now.
Ever wanted to infiltrate an ancient secret society? Ever dreamt of breaking into a top secret, highly protected safe? -Now you can.

Sherlocked launched the first ‘escape room’ in the heart of Amsterdam last summer (2014) and has occupied the top attraction on Tripadvisor ever since. Their immersive live games push groups to think fast on their feet and to work together in a series of extraordinary mysteries and challenges.

In ‘The Architect’ you get 60 minutes (and not a second longer) to discover the last traces of the infamous secret Society of the Crossed Keys. In their new break in experience called ‘The Vault’, you assume the role of a highly trained crew of professional thieves, tasked to break into a 110 year old safe.

At the time of writing (October 2015), 100% of teams that attempted to break into The Vault have failed. Have you got what it takes to be the first to succeed?
An experience costs between €119 and €149 and should be booked in advance (they’re often sold out).

Because I do know these people I’ve worked out a bit of a deal. Monday- Thursday they have fewer bookings so are willing to give a discount for you folks during those days.
Use the code: AmsDarDam on the site and you’ll get 5€ off!