Rijsttafel or no?

When you do a bit of research on what to eat in Amsterdam one often hears about the famous Indonesian Rijsttafel (rice table). Indonesia being a former colony there are many options for food in Amsterdam.

Rijsttafel is basically lots of little dishes, a buffet of Indonesian food as it were. In my opinion even though it’s quiet tasty it tends to be overpriced. I’ll keep searching but for now the cheapest I’ve seen is €25 and I’ve been witness up to €40. Also if you do go to have the Rijsttafel everyone in your party must order it.

So even with just 2 people €50 seems a lot. In my opinion, if you are 2 people or more just order 2-4 dishes (depending on your appetite) from the menu and a thing of rice. You’ll save some money and get a variety of dishes.

That’s just my 2 cents. If you are really dieing for the Rijsttafel experience €25 is the base rate at Long Pura. It’s good food, centrally located near the Ann Frank house/Westerkerk and good atmosphere.