Reypenaer Cheese

So when you think about The Netherlands on top of windmills and wooden clogs only one other things come to mind, cheese!

Dutch cheese is world class… It’s so good even the French love it, and that’s saying something. You can hardly throw a stick without hitting cheese places but there is a place which is a cut above the rest.

Reypenaer Cheese tasting room is centrally located on the Single just near Dam square/Royal Palace. They are typically open 10am-6pm daily. Pictured is Ron, the manager, with an equal enthusiasm for his cheese and whiskey. All the staff are super friendly and ready to answer your questions about their cheese.

The cheese they make is a Gouda (or in the style of- they can explain what that means). And have been making this cheese in the way the Dutch have been doing it for hundreds of years, in non artificially cooled warehouses. When you walk in you’ll see various styles and ages of cheese laying on little mini cheese-guillotines for easy cutting. If you go up near to the checkout they often have one of their cheeses with a little something on top, my personal favorite is the ginger on top… just try it!

If you want something cool to do in Amsterdam beyond the typical big tourist attractions then I’d say sign up for one of their cheese and wine tastings. They teach you all about how their cheese is made and pair it with wine and port and let you explore the various flavors their cheese has to offer. At just €15, it’s a deal. They happen every day of the week M/Tu 1pm, 3pm, 430pm and W-Su 12pm,130pm, 3pm, 430pm. Best to check their website for any changes and availability.

Most of the year the early tastings and weekdays are not super full so you should have luck sliding into a tasting; the weekend ones can be a bit more full so better to sign up to guarantee a spot. You can reserve a spot online or if you are walking past put your name down. I’d also advise you don’t do it near to a meal since you are allowed to eat as much cheese that’s set in front of you and it feels like it could be a waste on a full stomach.