Many people now are writing blog, the fact that I am now doing one is proof of that! And many people are writing about Amsterdam and I suspect most will not write about Radijs, not because it’s not deserving but because it truly is off the beaten path here in Amsterdam.

Radijs is the type of restaurant that even locals don’t know about, and as a resident of the far west I’m quiet happy because it means that it’s near my house and not completely full all the time (although typically on Friday and Saturday nights one may have to wait at expected times).

As a tour guide here in Amsterdam I’m always looking for that place that’s got a good blend between Amsterdam feel with out being overwhelmed by tourists. Not to mention price is just right. So many places in the city offer what these guys do but then for twice the price thinking they “deserve” it.

This place has very good value for money and it’s a bonus that it’s around the corner from my house. So, if you’re reading this take that extra 5 minutes west on the tram and enjoy!

Pictured is their hamburger complete with fries made from an actual potato, fancy that! Sorry for the bite, but as soon as I saw it I wanted a taste!

Great atmosphere, fantastic menu and really nice staff! Well done!