Museum Square (plein) – Three top Museums

It’s easy to think of Amsterdam as the city of sex and drug, but did you know it has more museums per capita than any other city? 55 to be exact! Many you’ve never conceived of (catboat museum, condom museum) but some you’re, I’m sure, dying to get inside!

The Rijksmusuem – National gallery – is where you’ll find the likes of people like Rembrandt and Vermeer. ‘The Night’s watch” being the one you came for, but as you walk up to it, be sure to admire all the fantastic works along the way. There is a LOT to take in at this museum and one can easily spend hours there. I’d give yourself at least three hours if you really want to make a dent.

Van Gogh museum is the largest collections of VG’s in the world. You won’t need as much time in the Van Gogh museum (unless of course you are a real enthusiast) but give yourself about 90 mins. I recommend going on Friday nights when it’s open late, then you also get live music or DJs who play from 7-9 and the full collection is open to the public.

The most under rated museum at the big square is the Stedilijk, which is our contemporary art museum. If the older stuff is not really your style give this one a go for the more modern styles and approaches.

Unfortunately there are no student discounts at museums. If you are going to be in the Netherlands for a while and have a chance to take in several museums then I recommend the museum card, which can be purchased at many locations and museums across the city. It’s a big price (55euro) but if you are planning to go to many museums it becomes worth it. Also, it’s valid for a year for nearly 400 museums and exhibitions throughout the country. Rijksmuseum is currently 17,50; VG is 15 for now I head it is also going up to 17,50 and most other museums come in at around 10 euro. It quickly becomes worth it.