Metropolitan – Ice cream and Dutch sweet snacks

Cheese is not the only dairy product the dutch do well. In the last few years there have been an influx of new ice cream places in Amsterdam. My favorite is Metropolitan. 80 Happy cows give their milk daily so they can bring you quality ice cream year round!

Located just off the Dam on the Warmoesstraat you’ll find this gem. All the flavors are to die for but I lean towards Stroopwafel (literally translates to syrup waffle), is a tradition dutch cookie which they’ve added to their ice cream.

They also offer up fair-trade coffee and chocolate -they even have a chocolate fountain for dipped bananas and the like. You can also find some other traditional dutch snacks; waffles- which are actually from Belgium, and poffertjes, which are tiny little dutch pancakes served usually with a bit of butter and powdered sugar over top. This place will give you plenty of calories you can burn off later on while strolling through the streets and canals of Amsterdam.