La Place – cheap eats

La Place is a cafeteria style place with cheap options as well as full menus.

La Place in general is a generic eatery attached to V&D department stores through the country. Some places have a broader range of options. The La Place near the flower market in Amsterdam has many options as well as a take away area where you could purchase ready-to-eat goods you can take and heat up back home.

The salad bar has the basics what you’d expect and then always a variety of options which change daily.

They have some basic Italian style pizzas you can order, ready made sandwiches, fruit bar, pastry area and fresh coffee and hot chocolate or tea.

For a bit more cash you can also get a chicken, fish or meat dish with fries or potatoes.

I think the best deal they have in town is the breakfast! Before 11am Tuesdays-Saturdays the offer 5 items from the breakfast buffet and a small orange juice and small coffee all for €2,95. It’s the best breakfast deal in town.

Especially if you are charged a bit for breakfast at you hostel or hotel I think this is a great alternative.