Jazz Cafe Alto

After the first round of posts it’s finally time to start mentioning more places for music (jazz) in Amsterdam.

Cafe Alto is one of the older Jazz cafe’s Amsterdam. I remember in my early days of living in Holland spending a fair amount of time at this Jazz club and I saw some amazing shows. Today, I feel, it’s lost its edge just a bit but the atmosphere is great and if you’re lucky you’ll still hear some great music from time to time.

The real bonus of this place is that is has live music 7 days a week which is rare for Amsterdam! Also it’s located just off the big Leidseplein (popular square) just up the street from the Burger King – I know, terrible, but you’ll see that first. Look for a giant saxophone on top.

Doors open at 2100 and music tends to start around 2200 and will go late into the night.

Typically you hear jazz at this place but there’s also plenty of blues and the occasional salsa band and even a bit of world music from time to time.

You can always check their agenda to be sure to know what’s on.