IJ Halen – Once Monthly Flea Market 27/28 February 2016

If you like a good cruise around flea markets then be sure to hit up the IJ Halen this weekend over at the NDSM Werf. IJ Halen is a monthly flea market with 750 stands over two massive wearhouse spaces. It’s €4,50 to enter and you can come and go all day just be sure to get your hand stamped.

If you are a local it’s a great way to get cheap things for your home. If you are traveling and in need of clothing, newish shoes etc.. you can get some pretty inexpensive items. You can always barter and it’s almost expected so don’t take the first price you are given.

To access the market you need to go behind the train station and take the Blue and White Ferry boat on the far left which says NDSM Werf. Likely it’ll be busy and hard to miss. After a 13 minute ferry ride just exit and follow the crowd. Hard to miss. On top of the great market the ferry ride also gives one a chance to cruise up the IJ and check out the new buildings along the western docks.