Hammam – Turkish Sauna and treatments

I was recently in Budapest and fell in love with the bath houses. Knowing we have a large Turkish population in Amsterdam I figured we’d have something similar.

Hammam does not have hot baths but does have a steam and dry sauna. When you do arrive it’s pretty unassuming from the outside but it does give way to a small but effective space. You can enter for 17euro or higher for various treatments. I chose the one from 40 euro which included entrance, a soap up and then you steam sauna. They come and get you and scrub all the dead skin cells from you body (makes you feel very soft). Followed by a short and nice massage and ends with a mud bathing. You can go in and out of the various sauna’s and there’s a little area to relax and have a drink or small bite in between treatments. Give yourself a few hours for the 40euro package.

Check their site for what they offer which is only in Dutch so I recommend google translate. Also English at this place is not as strong as the rest of Amsterdam so be aware.

Tuesday – Sunday: Women Only
Monday’s: Men Only