Greenwoods Tea Room – top brunch spot

There are two locations in the canal belt where you can find Greenwoods Tea Room. I almost exclusively go here for brunch but they do offer lunch items and are open until 5/6pm depending on the day.

They are an English Tea Room and offer a wide variety of eggs cooked any style as well as a full English breakfast. Plenty of sides to go along. I think what I like best is they do everything with fresh and healthy ingredients and cooked with out an excess of oils and fats, which I’ve often found at most so-called English Breakfast places in Amsterdam.

The two addresses are: Singel 103 and Keizersgracht 465, neither too far from the other. I like the Keizersgracht location especially on a sunny day because they have nice patio seating along the canal. There is often a line so expect to wait but the it’s worth it and the service/ turn around is usually pretty quick.