Food Hallen – indoor food market

Back in October of 2014 the Food Hallen opened it’s doors. It’s a develop old warehouse space that use to host occasional markets and now is a permanent location for food, movies, crafts and other odds and ends. Located in the west near to the Ten Kate market off the kinnkerstraat it’s in an up and coming neighbor hood.

What I think I like best about the Food Hallen is the variety of food options. Essentially it’s a big open warehouse with about 12 or so different food stalls. Anything from a burger to Australian pies, vietnamese food to hotdogs in pretzel buns. If you are traveling with a group of people and each have their own food tastes and desires this is a great place to get something for everyone. For a list of restaurants listed check here (sorry only in Dutch -try google translate).

Since it’s still kind of a new place that means it is packed frequently so expect to be fighting for a place to sit, but since it’s not really a place where you’d hang and chat after you’re done eating the seats will come open somewhat frequently.

Next door is a cinema so you can always catch dinner and movie!