Exchanging Money

This is another question I get asked a lot. Where to exchange money in Amsterdam. The best rates I’ve found are at Potts Money exchange which is located just off Dam square on the damrak heading towards the centraal Train staion on your left hand side. I usually say don’t bring cash but if you did aleardy so it goes.

That being said let me give you my money exchange tip. Just take it out of the ATM machines. This is teh best rate, honestly. Also, if you ask, take it out without conversion. The same is true if you charge your credit card somewhere. They ask, espeically Amsericans, if they want it in Dollars (but this could aslo be GBP too). Say you don’t.

To give you an example: I’m currently in Copenhagen and went to the ATM to withdrawl 1500 DKK which XE.com tells me should be around 200EURO. I was prompted to convert it right there and with the rate quoated and It’d be 222 EURO- garunteed. They try to scare you and say the rate is not gartuneed otherwise and could be worse! THIS IS BS. I went ahead without conversion. 205euro were withdrawn from my bank account.

The same issue exists if you convert it at a shop where you are buying good. Just do all transactions in local currency. I find this to be the best option overwhelmingly. I hope that helps you when you are traveling.