Eetcafe Singel 404 – Vegetarian friendly

Eetcafe Singel is one of  my favorite little lunchrooms in Amsterdam.  For the longest time they were open limited hours and I’m pleased to see they are open later these days.

It’s one of those cafe’s that’s easy to walk past and say ‘hmm, I should try there one day.’ Believe me, I did… for too long. But once I finally ate there it quickly became a place I frequent often. Their menu as many options, many are veggie or even vegan friendly although it’s not strictly a vegetarian place. Especially when traveling in Europe it’s easy to eat at places that are meat and potatoes but when one eats at Singel 404 suddenly they remember how good some fresh food and especially vegetables can taste like!

Like the name implies the cafe is located on the canal called Singel at house number 404, so it’s pretty simple to find and is centrally located.