De Prael – Amsterdam Brewery

Now that I have a few more posts under my belt I feel I can turn to writing once again about my favorite subject: BEER!

The Brouwerij De Prael is very centrally located in Red Light District very near the Old Church. The same canal as the church you’ll find the shop and around the corner the bar its self. I’ve had their tasters and enjoy all the beer brewed here I tend to lean toward one called Johnny (shaun-ee) and lately they’ve had a special brew Johnny Vekeerd; literally translate to: wrong, but my friends and I have taken to calling it Johnny Rotten 😉 However, a quick look at their website seems they have taken to calling it Johnny Alt now. When the beer was first introduced the owner did say they name may change.

As with all first timers I do recommend getting the taster to see what suits your interests. They also offer food, I’ve never eaten there but it always seem very delicious and rather standard dutch fare.

When you walk down the Warmoesstraat the brewery sign is obscured by the Yellow Bike bike rental company but know it’s there.