de Osdorper – Cup al le Cake – cheap eats

de Osdorper (which is now also known by the name Cup  al le Cake) was started in 1940s by a Dutchman delivering sandwiches on his bike.

I discovered it a while back as a way to grab a fast, easy and cheap bite during the day. There are a couple locations in town but the easiest one is literally across the street form the Westerkerk. So if you are heading to the Ann Frank house you can pick up a quick sandwich to eat while waiting in line to get in.

From the outside is looks like a cupcake place, which it is and they are to DIE for! But when you walk in you’ll see a deli-like counter. They have some suggestions of sandwiches they’ll make but you can also make your own from all their items. They have a few different types of bread and the cost will depend on which type of bread and how many ingredients you get. On average I usually have a sandwich that’s €3-4.00.

They also have a sandwich of the day which is usually something like egg salad or filet American (which is raw beef pate- it’s actually very good!) on some kind of generic bread all for € 1.00. If you are traveling on a budget and are just looking for quick and easy, then stop by.