De Klos – Best Ribs and other charred meats

This tops most lists of where to eat in Amsterdam. De Klos is a pretty unassuming bar not too far from either the flower market or Leideseplien. It’s often busy and they’ll take your name and send you to their sister bar across the street where you can drink some really great craft beers. Expect it to be busy especially between 8-12pm. When you do land one of the coveted seats (which can easily just be a space at the bar) you’ll often be greeted by pretty direct Dutch service. They know why you are here.. they already know you want the ribs… so just order them and get over it.

Honestly there are plenty of other charred meat options on the menu, so take a look. But really, I can say the ribs are something special. Come hungry, they give you a very generous portion. It also comes with a side of bread and various sauces. When they ask if you need the baked potato, don’t do it… or you’ll be sorry. It’s not cheap but pretty good value for money.

It’s a bar setting not a restaurant. Personally I love the dark atmosphere.