David Bowie is – at the Groninger Museum

I’ve just returned from a day trip up to the Northern City of Groningen, about 2 hours north of Amsterdam. I specifically went to check out the David Bowie is exhibit. Well worth the journey and costs! I loved it. Very nostalgic and many items to look at and watch, listen or read about. Of the two people I went with, one was a huge fan while the other admitted he ‘never really got into Bowie.’ Both loved it in various ways; it’s great for a wide variety of interested parities.

Groningen is easily accessed with 4 trains per hour, two of which require one stop and two, two stops, and should take just around two hours and a bit to get there. The Groninger Museum is right across the street from the central train station. My suggestion would be get up and onto a train nice and early give yourself some time to look around and you’ll need about 2 hours to go through the whole exhibit. It’s quiet busy on the weekends and we even went on a Wednesday and found it busy. You need to book a specific entrance time in advance. It’s an one hour time slot that you need to enter in. My advise would be attempt to book the 1pm slot that way you’ll have plenty of time to get north, perhaps even a bite and a small look around before entering the museum.

The train is not cheap, roughly 50€ return and the exhibit is 23€ or if you already have a museum card (not a City card) then the exhibit is only 10€

If you have car it’ll likely run you 40€ in petrol, which is what we ended up doing for the three of us. Cheaper than the train.