Country-Side via local transport

So you want to go to the country? What’s the best option? Take a organized tour? Maybe. Rent a bike? Perhaps. Or Figure it out yourself with local trasport?

These questions you have to answer for yourself. I find the excursions to be a bit overpriced but good for people with limited mobility or are nervous to attempt to figure out the public transport system. Not to single out anyone but especially older people who don’t have great technology. Using google and smartphones is easy and handy, but only if you have them! Don’t get me wrong the tours are lovely but not something you must do.

I always push for renting a bike but the tourist bikes can be quite tiresome after 40+km. I recently did a route that took me from Amsterdam to Broek in the Waterland and all the way to Marken, which I recommend. It’s like Volendam but far less busy. It was super cute. On the way back we took a loop which brought us back along the Dijk and eventually through Durgerdam and back into Amsterdam. Mind you along the way you get to go past the house where Henry Hudson’s boat- The Half Moon- that would sail into NY Harbor in 1609 was built. This is great on a sunny day when you get an early start and stop frequently for pictures and food/drinks along the way but left my bum a little sore towards the end.

Then you can take public transport. There’s a new system to take you out to the country-side called The site is in English and there’s even an app. Although I haven’t used the system personally it seems the best option for a savvy and economically¬†conscientious traveler. From what I gather you spend 10‚ā¨ for an all day public pass and they have various routes mapped out for your pleasure.


Below an example bike route, should you choose: