The Dutch Experience – Food (& Drink) Tour

Want to Know What the Dutch Eat?

On this 3+hour tour we’ll stroll through Amsterdam hitting all my favorite and best locations to get traditional Dutch snacks and drinks. There will be 8 stops in total – mostly food but also a stop over to the best bar for top-quality Dutch beer. Price is €60/person through September 2018

A very common question is: “what is Dutch Food?” The simple answer: they eat a bit of sweet, a bit of salty and, of course, anything deep fried served with beer. We are going to explore some of the more and less well-known Dutch foods, snacks and drinks.

Sweet – The City that gave us the tastiest cheese also gave us the best Dutch snack – Stroopwafel. The pre-packaged ones you buy at the store are a great way to make your friends smile back home but nothing beats a fresh one made the moment you order it.

Salty – 800 hundred years ago we were a simple trading village and two of the biggest items we traded were hemp and Haring. Hemp is more commonly smoked in Amsterdam today but Haring is served as it has been for centuries. It might not be your thing, but it doesn’t get more traditionally Dutch and it’s worth a try.

Beer – Many counties have that beer which is globally known but not often drunk at home. Not true of Heineken; the Dutch really love it and will happily order one in a bar. That being said, it is your typical mass produced lager. In the last 10 years craft beers and small breweries have blown up in the Netherlands and many are in Amsterdam. We’ll stop by Amsterdam’s greatest bar to sample a few of the best on tap.

Come hungry; leave satisfied.

And when we are finished you’ll be able to complete the follow sentence:
“It’s as Dutch as _____ ___!”

Meet your local guide in front of The American Book Center. Address: Spui 12 in Amsterdam.

Please note: on Friday’s there’s a book market and on Sunday’s an art market on the square so it can be very busy.