Casa Rosso – A Sex Show

Let’s face it. You’re in Amsterdam and there are frankly a few things here you can do that you can’t really do too many other places in the world. One of which is going to a sex show.

What is a Sex Show? It’s a theater with a continuous show which begins around 7pm and will continue until around 2am depending on the night. The show its self lasts about 70 mins with couples having sex to some kind of routine and in between strippers doing shows. Some of the shows are more erotic; some offer up a wide variety of acts like blowing smoke rings or writing messages on your chest. Yes sometimes there is interaction with the audience and they ask for volunteers.

Of the two big theater in the Red Light District I recommend the Casa Rosso (the big pink elephant). It’s 40€ without drinks and 50€ with 2 drinks of your choice. The other show at the Moulin Rouge is cheaper but frankly not nearly as good.

Go for it! You only live once, right? Well depending on your religion you may get a couple of shots at it. But I always say when in Amsterdam then give it a try. Dont’ expect creapy old men or something like that. It’ll be people of both sexes and all ages. clap, laugh, enjoy your self!