Burgermeester – Another A’dam Burger Joint

For people who are just visiting Amsterdam or recently moved here you’ll never know what it was like 11 years ago when the only decent burger in town was at the Hard Rock Cafe… and if you’re like me, I couldn’t bring myself to go there often.

Now there are a ton of decent to great burger places in town not to mention the ability to get an okay burger a virtually every cafe. That being said, I still love Burger Bar as best burgers in town. However, Burgermeester, is now another place I’d go to if it was near by. The Burger Bar concept is a build your own burger with 3 varities of meats… Burgermeeter is variously types and style of burgers which you choose from. They also have an option for a mini-burger if you’re not too hungry or a trio of burgers if you’re looking for variety.

I chose the trio and took one classic burger with cheddar, the tuna with wasabi and a lamb burger with what they called chorizo (which was simply spicy peppers – not Spanish or Mexican chorizo). I was not too impressed with the classic burger (still would chose BurgerBar over this place) but thought the other two were fantastic. They also have a variety of vegetarian options (goat’s cheese or lentil burger). They may be the only place in town where you cannot get fries, which was surprising but they have a small menu of side items to fill your belly as well.

There are three great locations in Amsterdam. One across from the Zoo, one not too far from Leidseplein and one in the Albertcuyp street market.