Bimhuis – Jazz

Hands down of of the best jazz clubs in the world is the Bimhuis. What started as a a squat 40 years ago became the modern music hall it is today in 2005. It’s gone up a bit in price since my early days here but it’s still very much worth it.

Even though it’s a modern building the inside still has the cozy feel the old Bim had all those years ago. It’s intimate (see: small) which means bigger concerts do sell out quickly so I’d book in advance if you want to see a specific show while in town.

Even though the top of Jazz world will play this venue it still gives opportunities for up and coming musicians to play so you will get a wide range of levels here. If you are an aspiring player yourself on Tuesdays they have a free improvisation lesson on stage, starting at 8pm. Then at 10pm there will be a concert in the bar followed by an open jam sessions. The sessions themselves tend to be hosted by teachers of the Amsterdam Conservatory.

The Bimhuis says this about the session:
About the level: participants will have to realize that this workshop takes place at an international venue, in the presence of an audience. To participate it helps to have a reasonable level of musicianship and the ability to not to stumble over one’s own limitations while performing in front of the audience.

see their agenda here: Bimhuis