‘t Arendnest – Beer

I will likely write about this (beer) a lot in my blog but this is one of my top spots for beer in Amsterdam. Now it’s important to know that if I’m writing about beer it’s from the perspective of quality. I love beer! I’m currently not drinking much of it but have spent the greater part of my adulthood searching for the best beers around me.

I personally do not home brew but have many friends who do so I lean towards craft beers and independent breweries.

‘t Arendnest (The Eagle Nest) is just that place. The owner is a brewer himself and specialist in Dutch beers. The beers featured in his (Peter Arend) bar are only Dutch beers. The taps will change quiet frequently so if you visit Amsterdam often you’ll find a different choice every time. Bottled beers are fairly consistent.

If what you want is a local place with local beer and snacks this is a good spot.

They also feature Dutch meats and cheeses (Pictured- sorry for the low quality. I hope to get another one in the future) and various other small dutch snacks. Not really a dinner option but good for an after diner snack and drink.