Bazar – Turkish/ Mediterranean food

Bazar was one of the very first restaurants I ever went to when I moved to Amsterdam 10 years ago. And it’s still a place I take people to that come to visit. Prices in Amsterdam are not normally called ‘cheap.’ Recently Amsterdam was ranked as worst for being too expensive for housing and restaurant prices by tourists. Trust me, locals complain too!

Bazar has a rare distinction for being generous with their portions and light on their prices. If you’ve met me you know I’m not a small woman. My ex and I use to go here, share a starter, a main, and a dessert, usually getting away having paid around €25 including perhaps a drink.

All of the dishes I’ve had here are fantastic. Even though I know this, I always have food envy for the other dishes at the table; always a good sign.

The location is prime. South of the heart of the city, it’s located smack in the middle of the Albert Cuyp Market which during the day is busy but at night is often very quiet. It’s also very near a jazz club called de Badcuyp which is a good place to go for after dinner drinks and music.