Bakers & Roasters – Brunch and Great Coffee

This has been a great addition to the Amsterdam Brunch scene. It’s not cheap, expect to pay between 10-15 euro for a meal but money well spent; and to be honest that’s pretty much the going rate for brunch in Amsterdam. The 2 owners hail from Brazil (through the US) and New Zealand, as such you’ll get a variety of dishes inspired by all three cultures. It also has a wide variety of cakes so if you just want to drop by for an afternoon cake and tea/coffee then this is really the place for you.

Aussies and Kiwis will will be happy they can get Flatwhite’s and Longblack’s at this location. Can’t beat the location just down a small road from the Heineken Experience.

Open 830-400 weekdays and 930-400 weekends.