de Badcuyp – Live Jazz/ world music – closed permanently.

***Sad to announce that since July 8th this place is permanently closed. It’ll be sorely missed!*****
De Badcuyp is one of the longer running jazz clubs in Amsterdam. They’re open Tuesday- Sunday and have a wide range of musically offerings. Jazz is what you’ll hear most at this location but it will vary in style from Bebop and straight ahead stuff, vocals, all the way through more eclectic modern jazz. Best to check out the program if you are looking for something specific.

In the bar downstairs they often have smaller acts without a cover charge but they’ll charge 50cents extra per drink to try to off-set the musician’s costs. Upstairs, usually a more establish ensemble, you’ll often pay a small cover charge €5 or so. Money well spent to see -at times- some very top shelf musicians.

de Badcuyp also hosts jams from time to time. You’ll usually find a lot of the students form the Amsterdam Conservatory and the occasional professional local who’s down for the night.