Aneka Rasa – Great Rijstafel

FINALLY. After mostly trying to avoid Rijstafel in Amsterdam due to it’s general overhyped thus overpriced status I can happily say I’ve found a GREAT Indonesia place in Amsterdam. It’s right in the middle of town very near the central station and around the corner from the Red-Light District. I actually avoided going to the place for every because of it’s location.

Rijstafel(RT for short) is basically a buffet of Indonesian food. To compare at most places in the city I found RT to cost between 25€-40€ and everyone at the table had to order it, and you get 6 or 7 small dishes. Here’s the base RT is just under €20 and you get 8 dishes. Also I find the flavors to be better and the peanut sauce actually spicy for once. So this get’s my stamp of approval. To complete it they also had the beer from one of my favorite breweries in the country, so it’s hard for me not to love this place.